Meet the Team

Hadar Tamarkin - CEO

An entrepreneur with a rich background in finance, business development and investments. Served as Director of Business Development and Sales of Digital Credit Platforms. Experienced in building complex credit models. An expert in raising credit and capital. Has extensive experience in the world of alternative investments

Amir Markovich - Founding Partner, Chairman of Magen 369 (The Holding Company

Former CEO of Pama Car Financing, with extensive experience in retail credit risk management. Business development manager of leading credit corporations, and currently partner in leading the company, business development, managing and underwriting credit operations.

Adv. Eran Neeman - Founding Partner, Chairman of Magen Afikim

Adv. Neeman has about 20 years of experience in insolvency law and credit risk management, formerly a legal advisor to the Collection Division at Discount Bank and currently owner and CEO of a credit service corporation with an extended license to provide specialized solutions in credit default liabilities.

CPA Doron Sapir - Partner

Has extensive management experience in businesses and financials. Former CEO of Migdal Holdings, Migdal Insurance, ICC (Credit Cards for Israel), Taldor Computer Systems. Experience in leading boards of directors, board committees in public and private companies.

Assaf Weinbaum - Partner

Has extensive experience in the financial field and real estate in Israel and abroad. For the past decade, he has held senior management positions in public and leading companies in their field, including entrepreneurial companies and start-ups. He specialized in financing the purchases and improvements of commercial and private real estate.

Koby Sakal - Partner, Director

The second generation of the Sakal Family Office Group, in which he has held a number of positions over 30 years, including the head of the Sakal Group's marketing department, the CEO of Sakal Sport, a member of the group's management and more.

Koby is an expert in managing global brands and introducing them to local markets, duty free, and retail. He has EMBA from the Hebrew University and a specialization in strategic management.

Yael Neeman

Legal Adviser, in charge of regulation and compliances.

Ran Yossefi

CPA and acting CFO in several companies, over 25 years of experience, extensive experience in global technology companies, start-ups, regulated financial service companies, etc.
Owner of a financial services company - accounts, risk management, regulatory reports, and bookkeeping
Certifications: CPA , Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B), Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Heriot-Watt University.