Magen Credit Benefits

Unique and customized solutions

The company generates a creative, customer-tailored loan structure, incorporating adaptation of each loan to the specific needs and payment capabilities of the clients. The company's professional and experienced team is ready to provide an accurate and swift response to all queries and excellent service experience.

Advanced risk management system

The company relies on a state-of-the-art credit risk system in business and consumer credit management.

Management of collection processes

The company relies on the tools required to deal with credit failures through close collaborations with companies that specializes in management of credit default.

About The company

Magen Credit specializes in financial solutions and non-bank credit for individuals.
Magen Credit Ltd. is a private and leading non-bank financing company in its field. The company is engaged in providing high-quality and various customized credit solutions against the encumbrance of real estate and other collaterals. The company's services are provided to private customers.
Magen Credit provides credit solutions from NIS 300,000 to NIS 5,000,000, in a single loan.
The company creates a transaction structure and it is tailored to the customer according to their needs.


Credit products

Our areas of expertise:
• Bridge loans
• Capital acompaninment for purchasing groups
• Capital Completion for purchasing an asset