Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Magen Credit is not a banking entity. Magen Credit is a company that deals with credit solutions provided to its customers.

Magen Credit works with all financial entities, with credit entities and with non-banking entities and banks. Magen Credit receives customers from the banking system or customers who do not work with the banking system. At the end of the loan repayment usually the customer will strive for a mortgage cycle in the banking system. This approach is a significant part of the company’s policies to return the borrower back into the banking system. The company cooperates with financial entities from all fields under broad collaboration, while constantly seeking to return the borrower to the banking system as part of their exit strategy.

A loan will be granted to the borrower after receiving a real estate collateral that will be registered as collateral for the company against a mortgage.

We check 3 main things: the customer’s repayment capacity, the security, and most importantly, the borrower’s exit strategy.

Without an orderly exit plan, we will not provide the borrower with a loan.

No, the company’s loans are only given to individuals with an Israeli ID card.

Yes, we will be happy to help and assist. See Magen Credit contact details.

A Safety Cushion as it is called – is designed to give protection to the platform and act as a shock absorber for it. The safety cushion allows to produce through a credit shield platform, a sequence of payments to the borrower, especially when defaulted.

Magen Credit specializes in bridging loans in a flexible model according to the customer’s needs.